GREAT word play in the title! Even better read!

Curious as to what kind of "virtual assistant" tasks you ask ChatGPT. I've signed up, asked it a few things, and then my conspiracy "big brother" side of the brain kicked-in. Logged off.

Got any real-world examples that make an impact on you day?

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Wrote a few below that I use. Made some up as well, as examples of what you can do.

OpenAI can read your prompts, so yes, don't share anything you don't want to share with the world.

Prompt ideas:

-Summarize the following: (paste meeting notes, long text, large data sets (excel tables), formulas.

-I have (list of ingredients) what can I make?

-What's the recipe for?

-Create a custom meal plan for a mid fifties white caucasian male weighing 220lbs wanting to lose 20lbs in 3 months.

-Draft a candidate rejection email ;)

-I want to build a coffee table with a lockable drawer. What materials and equipment do I need? Give me step by step instructions

-Write me a funny children's story about a worm and a dog whom are best friends living in a dystopian AI future getting into trouble. (I use this to tell bedtime stories to my kids)

-translate the following into [insert language]

-What is the excel formula for: [insert result of the data you're trying to achieve]

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